The Municipality of Kifissia believes in Anigozanthos!

Few areas of the country have as strongly associated their name with floriculture as Kifissia. Therefore, when the Municipality chooses to plant our Anigozanthos in the new parking lot next to the central park, the value of this vote of confidence is priceless!

Why did the Municipality choose Anigozanthos?

Anigozanthos originates from the continent of Australia and is a very hardy Mediterranean plant. It is suitable for planting in most areas of Greece and produces intense flowering with brilliant colors that begin in February and end in October considering the conditions of our country, while the shape and color of its flowers give an exotic hue to its appearance.

Its unique characteristics and rich flowering were the main reasons the Municipality chose this species for planting in the Platanos parking lot. Kifissia is famous for its love of flowers, and our new Anigozanthos could not escape the attention of the garden team of the Municipality.

How did we plant Anigozanthos, and which varieties did we choose?

The idea did not take long to put into practice. For beginners, the staff of the Municipality repaired the damaged irrigation in the three empty central flower beds of the parking lot, and the members of our team arrived with the material to do the planting.

In gardening, we prefer to plant in the fall to give our plants time to settle before the high demands of summer. In our case, however, this was not possible, so we had to remove all the flowers of Anigozanthos to limit its needs during the scorching days of July. Our decision proved to be a savior as the next day of planting, an intense downpour bombarded our plants with hail and injured their leaves. Despite the difficult start, we are sure that there will be no losses due to the outstanding durability of our chosen varieties.

We used more than 120 plants of the varieties Pearl, Inferno, Bonanza, Tenacity, and Ballad, which will grow during the coming months in their flowerbeds and will start to impress the parking lot users at the end of winter with colors not usually seen at such constructions!