A Fulfilling Purpose

We are breeders. We are growers. We are consumers.

We created Marathon Plants to support our partners, to offer a wide range of plants extensively tested in the Mediterranean climate and with the highest quality standards.

Our ultimate goal is to be the first choice and provide everything for your business.

Unbreakable Values


for our job leads us to the continuous improvement of our production. We have a genuine love for plants, and we try to show it through our products.


for us means lush foliage, vibrant and colorful flowers, and durability. We are constantly looking for new varieties to add to our catalog. Innovation and growth guide us in our daily lives.


for our ecosystem. At Marathon Plants, our main concern is the cultivation and protection of nature and the creation of a friendly working environment with continuous training.


determines our daily operation and all the contacts we have with our products, suppliers, and customers. As we want to produce excellent products, we also aim to be trusted partners.

Our Passionate Mission…

  • Continuous innovation and improvement of our production
  • Creation of products for the needs of the modern consumer
  • Sustainable operation for people and the environment
  • Openness and trust in our collaborations
  • Strengthening our local communities
  • Contributing to a way of life in harmony with nature