How to use Anigozanthos indoors

Anigozanthos is an extremely hardy, ornamental plant native to the Australian continent, ideal for outdoor use in pots or landscapes. You will logically wonder, reading the title, how it is possible to use Anigozanthos indoors. It is effortless to make a bouquet for the home, the office, or the balcony, and at the same time renew your plants by cutting the flowering shoots. You need two Anigozanthos plants, a vase, decorative paper or cloth, and a ribbon.

Which varieties did we choose for our example?

We will show you how we used two different varieties, Tenacity and Bonanza, from 14 cm pots. A common feature of these varieties is that they produce large flowers and have a similar length of flowering shoots. In addition, they both have fancy colors in yellow and orange that give brightness to an enclosed space.

How do you help Anigozanthos with this practice?

Our plants were fooled by the hot days and bloomed in early January, but we would like them to become denser, so we will cut the flowers to develop more leaves and “fill” the plants better.

Removing the dead leaves helps Anigozanthos penetrate more air in the center of the leaf mass. Two such cuts a year are ideal as they keep it in blossom while growing faster and flowering more. After pruning, the plants will have many sides with double flower mass in the spring and surprise you positively.

How to make your bouquet?

How to make your bouquet?

Cut the twig near the leaves. If necessary, push the leaves slightly to get as close to the base of the twig as possible. We do not want to leave significant residues on the plant while at the same time we need a considerable length for our vase. Once you have finished mowing, place your pots in a sunny position and make sure to keep the soil moist (not muddy) for the next few weeks.

Gather the flowers you removed in a bouquet and cut the bases to be the same length. Put them in the jar and add water. We wrapped the vase in a decorative fabric for our company office and tied it with a simple ribbon. It may be a bit excessive for an office. Still, it fits as a decoration at home, even at a wedding.

Do not forget to change the water every week and top up every other day. Anigozanthos remains prosperous in the jar for several weeks if you take diligent care of it. You can even place your bouquet directly in the sun outside the house. The more sunlight the flowers have, the more they retain their intense colors!