Salvias: Versatile, Beautiful, and Valuable Plants

As a horticulture professional, finding the right plants for your business or garden is crucial. Salvias, a large genus of plants in the mint family, offer versatility, beauty, and commercial value, making them a must-have for growers of all types. With over 900 species, from towering shrubs to delicate groundcovers, there is a salvia for every environment and every design aesthetic.

Mediterranean Sage: A Classic Herb with Ornamental Appeal

Mediterranean Sage, also known as Common Sage, has been used for centuries as a culinary herb and for medicinal purposes. Its aromatic leaves are an essential ingredient in many classic dishes, and its natural antibacterial properties make it a popular remedy for various ailments.

But Mediterranean Sage is also prized for its ornamental qualities. Its compact, evergreen foliage and delicate lavender-blue flowers make it a popular choice for borders, rock gardens, and containers. And its tolerance for dry soil and waterlogging and its disease-resistant nature makes it an easy-to-grow option for commercial growers.

Bolivian Sage: Striking Blooms and Selective Breeding

Bolivian Sage, known as Salvia oxyphora, is a showstopper with vibrant magenta and purple blooms. Native to Bolivia and Peru, this striking plant is a favorite among hummingbirds and other pollinators.

As an experienced professional grower, you already know the benefits of cultivating this fascinating plant, including its disease-resistant nature, tolerance for waterlogging and dry conditions, and its ability to withstand light frost exposure. We are excited to introduce you to our latest Salvia oxyphora varieties, which have been selectively bred for their exceptional traits and characteristics.

Our new cultivars have been developed to offer even more unique and desirable qualities, such as improved bloom coloration, enhanced disease resistance, and greater drought tolerance. In addition, our Salvia oxyphora varieties are easy to propagate and cultivate, with a relatively short growing period of just a few months. This makes them ideal for commercial growers looking to expand their product offerings and increase their profits. These plants are also fantastic for experienced growers who want to add something special to their garden or landscape design projects.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for a classic culinary herb with an ornamental appeal or a show-stopping plant with selective breeding, Salvias offer versatility, beauty, and commercial value. With their disease resistance, tolerance for dry and waterlogged conditions, and short growing period, Salvias are an easy-to-grow and profitable option for any grower looking to expand their product offerings or enhance their garden or landscape design.