Aloe ‘Emerald’

This variety is an actual miniature of aloe as it has small foliage and adorable flowers. Although it is a miniature, it produces a variety of flowering stems, with bright redbuds and a white base when they open and can blossom at any time of the year, from summer to deep winter. It is ideal for flower pots in the garden or indoors near a window with plenty of light.

Aloe hybrid

Aloe is a famous succulent plant with rich, thick leaves at the base and branches that extend in height and bloom. Its leaves have a characteristic light green color, and the unique Sunbird genes that we cultivate produce spectacular flowers all year round, starting in winter, in different shades and combinations of red, white, and yellow.

They are resistant to cold and heat, ideal for planting outdoors, in pots, or on the ground. The unique aesthetics of our cultivars, combined with low demands on water and sun, make them an ideal choice for landscape architecture, gardens, and balconies.

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Red, White



Flowering Period

Throughout the year