Anigozanthos Celebrations ‘Aussie Spirit’

A very discreet, two-tone variety with a golden base and a green finish on the flower. It adopts the common feature of the series, thin and durable foliage in the bush, with light green shades, and is the most compact and short from the series of Celebrations.

Anigozanthos hybrids

Anigozanthos, also known as Kangaroo Paw, due to the shape of its flowers, is an Australian ornamental plant consisting of a dense shrub at the base and tall, thick branches that protrude vertically from its roots. It has characteristic green and rich foliage, and on its stems, it produces fluffy flowers in a wide range of colors.

The excellent hybrids we have chosen from the series Bush Gems® and Celebrations® are resistant to cold, can be placed in flower beds and pots, and last for several years with the proper care. Anigozanthos blooms all year round, but its flowering is incredibly vibrant during the spring.

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Green, Yellow

Pot (cm)

12, 15