Aloe ‘Andrea’s Orange’

‘Andrea’s Orange’ belongs to the small series; it forms dark orange buds that transform into a bright peach when they blossom in autumn and winter and deliver an image of yellow-orange variations. It is a reasonably compact shrub with vertical growth, and its foliage is gray-green with red edges. It is ideal for a mass arrangement with other aloes of the same variety in large pots or flower beds.

Aloe hybrid

Aloe is a famous succulent plant with rich, thick leaves at the base and branches that extend in height and bloom. Its leaves have a characteristic light green color, and the unique Sunbird genes that we cultivate produce spectacular flowers all year round, starting in winter, in different shades and combinations of red, white, and yellow.

It is resistant to cold and heat, ideal for planting outdoors, in pots, or on the ground. The unique aesthetics of aloe, combined with low demands on water and sun, make it an ideal choice for landscape architecture, gardens, and balconies.

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Flowering Period

Autumn – Winter