4 + 1 reasons you will love Acalypha Cat’s Tail

The Cat’s Tail variety is also called the Chenille Plant, as its unique red fluffy flowers are very reminiscent of the texture of chenille fabric. Its origin is from the continent of Asia, although over time it settled naturally in environments of other tropical countries as well. In recent years, Acalypha has become known as a houseplant, ideal to add color to green compositions, inside the hanging pots, gazing from above.

  1. It is ideal for inside and outside

Acalypha is a perfect plant to use in conjunction with other green houseplants, to give a note of diversity to the background of your home rooms. Its soft branches, which have a downward trend, make it a wonderful choice for a hanging pot or placement on a high windowsill if it always has indirect contact with sunlight at its disposal. In addition, although less popular, it can offer excellent ground cover in flower beds, in areas and countries where the winter is warm, such as Crete, the Peloponnese, the Ionian Islands, parts of Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Another advantage he has for gardens is that he does not like direct contact with sunlight, so it is an excellent choice for planting at the base of other trees and shrubs.

  1. It blooms all year round

A unique feature of Acalypha is that it blooms non-stop, 12 months a year if the correct care conditions are met. All you need to pay attention to is that it encounters light when it is inside the house, and to avoid the intense cold, in case you chose it to decorate an outdoor space.

  1. It is quite durable

The Cat’s Tail variety is a plant of tropical origin, which means that it loves heat and humidity. However, it can withstand lower temperatures, if the night temperature does not fall below 8 ° C in winter because it can cut short its flowering. Inside the house, you will not have to make much effort for your Acalypha to thrive. The plant needs enough moisture, so it benefits from frequent watering and spraying with water and avoiding artificial heat sources such as radiators and stoves.

  1. It can be used in numerous ways

It belongs to the category of creeping plants and endures inside and outside the house, a fact that opens the doors for our imagination. It can be placed in hanging pots and decorate our kitchen or bathroom, or some semi-outdoor space on our balcony. It can also be placed on a shelf, on the windowsill, in the hood, and the bookcase and its red delicate flowers fall like a veil and decorate the space. Externally, if several Acacias are planted nearby, they can cover huge areas with their red tassels, and create an image of a completely different plant.

  1. It has unique fluffy red flowers

Finally, although obvious, Acalypha blooms at the ends of its branches with red, long, and fluffy flowers that look like fox’s or cat’s tails. Its flowering is quite rare in appearance among perennial ornamental plants, and in combination with the practical facilities that this variety has, you are sure to love it very quickly!